Saturday, June 4, 2011

Truisms in Question

What goes around, comes around, but not soon enough. If there is no effect, can there be a cause? You can't be green without CO2. Down deep in my atoms, I believe in nuclear power. You don't have to be Beethoven to curse today's politicians. It's hard to see the forest for the trees, and myopia is a deadly disease. A doctor who hates science is like a day without sunshine. The status quo is death. Radiation is the splash of creation. The taste of greed is bitter or bilious. Grieg should be spelled with a B. Grief should be spelled like Bank. Greed should just be banned. Green should be (re)defined. Should'a ought'a not B.
Help is on the way, but it seems to have taken a wrong turn. "Heaven helps those who help themselves." To what, all the goodies? Give the middle class a helping hand. Help, I need somebody! Those Wall Street bonuses are generous helpings. The wheel that squeaks gets the grease. The lobbyists that squeak get the help.

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